Twitter’s Lite Experience Might Soon Get Rolled Out in App Format

September 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has kick-started the Lite trend earlier by rolling out a compact app version of the social media platform. Twitter too picked it up, though late, by bringing out a lite version of its mobile website on smartphones. It now appears that Twitter is offering further, like Facebook, to get the most out of its Lite version in developing markets.

According to recent reports, Twitter is testing an app version of its scaled down mobile website. The tests of the new Lite app is being carried out for Android devices in Philippines, one of the spottiest markets for apps of that category.

Twitter’s app version is likely to rope in everything that its Lite website version featured. With a download size of around 3MB, Twitter will still keep the core experience intact besides reducing data consumption by around 70%. That would be done by omitting out the data-hogging media including large images and videos.

Apart from that, there is also an additional Data Saver option that would let you hide all the media. This would let users to turn on each image or video manually as per their wish.

Twitter Lite is currently in its experimental phase, and requires devices running Android 5.0 or up. There’s no word on when and whether the service would be launched outside the current market where it’s being tested. But given the short-text nature of the social media, Twitter Lite would seem the perfect ‘Lite’ app. So indeed, we can expect the app to reach the shores of other similar markets once it arrives.

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