Google and Bose Join Hands to Bring Out Flagship Headphone with Google Assistant On-board

September 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s event won’t be the sole place where we will be witnessing the launch of a new Google-powered device. That’s because they have now launched a new headphone that will be powered by its own personal assistant.

Don’t get surprised due to the early launch. The reason is that the new device isn’t Google branded. Instead, this noise cancelling headphone arrive from the house of Bose. It’s the same device that was earlier leaked to be packing the digital assistant from Google.

The QC 35 II, as it is called, can be paired with your devices using Bluetooth, following which you will be guided by a series of instructions to set up your Google Assist ant on the device. A dedicated button sits over the right cup of the device that can be used to trigger Google Assistant. Users will have to hold down this button to get things done by the Assistant.

The functions are almost the same as that of in smartphones, which includes reading out messages and news, playing and controlling music, and perform hands-free calls. But Google has always maintained the habit of fine-tuning its’ Assistant to suit the taste of the ecosystem in which it’s present. So we can expect more features to be present onboard, which may also have something to do with the upcoming range of devices from Google.

The headphones also includes other features like the flagship noise cancellation adjustment feature via Bose Connect app. QC 35 II is now available in the stores, where it’s retailing at a price of $350.

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