Amazon Reportedly Working on Fusing Alexa with Glasses

September 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Alexa is spreading wings to cover almost everything that can be related to a digital assistant. Seemingly, it’s also now gearing up to get equipped in the sphere of wearable glasses as well.

Indeed, this should raise some eyebrows keeping in mind the fate of Google Glasses. But Amazon isn’t taking the path laid down by Google. Their experiments won’t be arraying cameras or projector displays, instead they just want a wearable glass powered by Amazon Alexa, as simple as that.

Axing display and camera support from the wearable might take down the ‘smart’ factor from it, but Amazon could bring yet another catchy device in it if it could put together all the pieces the right way.

With only Alexa onboard, Amazon’s wearable will act as only a passage for users to get to their app without actually taking up their smartphones. That should sound cool, provided that the minimal hardware would also let people forget battery woes of the wearable. But whether or not that alone is worth it is what needs to be seen.

Moreover, if it turns out to be a hit, Amazon could just step up by adding more peripherals to their glass. So the initial hardware could just serve as a trial piece that would alongside offer more space for Amazon to try out with new developments in the field.

Amazon has declined to give out any word regarding the rumor, but it all seems like the project could be real recalling the fact that Google Glass founder Babak Parviz was hired by Amazon in 2014. So if stays true, we can expect a new Alexa outing probably even before the year wraps up.

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