Waze, Spotify Go Hand in Hand with In-app Integration

September 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Music and navigation go hand in hand inside automobiles, and that’s why there is plenty to get excited about with the latest tie-up of two of the most cherished apps in its fields; Waze and Spotify.

The new alliance between the two will let the two respective apps work hand in hand with each other. As a result, Waze would now let users control Spotify playlists right within the app without exiting Waze. Similarly, Spotify will now display all the navigation instructions from Waze within the app.

The feature shouldn’t sound new for at least some of you, as Waze and Spotify has already found its integration intact in the Android platform some days before. But now, it’s completing the circle with the support being rolled out on iOS devices as well.

Users will just have to link their two accounts after having the apps installed. Once integrated, you can find a Spotify icon within Waze that will open up limited controls for music playback in Spotify. Alongside, Waze has also added some safety features. One such feature ensures that users will have to stop the car to switch between the Spotify playlists. That said, Waze also plays the playlists by itself once it finds that the navigation has been started.

The integration of Waze with Spotify also signifies the user-oriented evolution of Waze, an app owned by Google. Being that the case, it could have easily pulled out the support for Play Music than Spotify. But that’s the pretty little success secret of Waze, that it always puts user priorities ahead of anything else.

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