Google’s New Payment App Tez Brings in NFC Substitute

September 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has just introduced a new payment app for the emerging markets. Called Tez, which translates as Speed, the app has been introduced in India keeping in mind the necessity to deliver an alternate for NFC payments, a feature that can barely be found on budget devices.

What Google has introduced in Tez is a new payment technology that makes use of ultrasonic sounds to pair two devices. With the connection established, users can carry out swift payments sans the need of tapping the device to an NFC reading machine.

The feature is called ‘Cash Mode’ and users are given the introduction right after the initial setup is carried out. By carrying out audio verification, Tez keeps out exchange of personal data including bank numbers or phone numbers. In effect, this should work on any device that has a microphone and a speaker, and of course with the app installed.

That also makes sense in Google introducing the feature in a developing market, despite having its wallet rolled out belatedly in the same market. Besides, it also holds an edge over the Android Pay, given its support of UPI payment that gives the user direct payment option using their bank accounts. The feature comes protected by Tez Shield, a platform developed by Google to detect fraudulent transactions and protect user identity.

Google Tez also brings in other features like easy organization of contacts with which you have carried out transactions. It also lets you group these contacts to perform group transaction. Tez is available both on Android and iOS platforms. Google will soon be releasing the app on other developing markets including Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

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