OneStep 2 Marks Return of Polaroid with a Hint There’s Plenty More to Come

September 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Polaroid is here to stay! After being left out with the influx of digital and mobile photography, Polaroid is making a return. The brand that has been long abandoned by the manufacturers itself is now getting resurrected with the launch of One Step 2.

The name might suggest that it’s a successor to the original One Step that was released way back in 1977. But One Step 2 has nothing to do with the manufacturers of its successor. Instead, it comes from the house of the Impossible Project, the very company that revived Polaroid film stock when the Polaroid decided to step back.

Impossible Project, apart from bringing back Polaroid films to the market, later went on to acquire the brand rights, the result of which is what we are seeing now in the form of One Step 2. But don’t get taken aback due to the fact that it’s not from the Polaroid manufacturers: One Step 2 has everything that can give you the Polaroid feel.

The instant film camera bears the same boxy design of the original Polaroids, and features everything you want in an instant camera including built-in flash and timer. Besides, there’s also a switch to adjust the exposure of your shoots. Instead of replacing batteries like in old device, you can just tuck in micro-USB to get the device charged up.

One Step 2 also supports the new I-type film and 600-type film that will give you larger prints compared to the ones provided by instant film cameras like say the Fuji Instax Mini. And if you want the Polaroid factor even in your films, you can have that as well; One Step 2 will also be compatible with all the Polaroid color films, which will soon include the ones for Polaroid SX-70, Spectra and the original OneStep. All thanks to Impossible Project, which apparently had also rebranded itself as Polaroid Originals in pursuit of its love for the Polaroid. Sure, there is more to come for Polaroid lovers.

OneStep 2 is priced at $100, in addition to which you will have to pay $16 for an eight-shot pack of the I-type film. The pre-orders have already commenced, with the device expected to get shipped on October 16th.

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