SanDisk has Just Launched the World’s Biggest MicroSD and its Cheaper than You Think

September 2, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

SanDisk is setting new standards in the domain of microSD cards. Following the launch of the 200GB microSD cards earlier, SanDisk is now introducing a new member that straight away doubles those standard.

The new SanDisk Ultra microSDXC USH-I card comes with a mammoth storage capacity of up 400GB. Needless to say that the very particular trait puts it atop the list of arranging cards of its class based on storage.

A storage of that size might have seemed to be of superfluity, but given the modern day 4K prowess of smartphones and cameras, a card of the aforementioned size seems inevitable. Add to that, it also wouldn’t break your bank if compared relative to the size to price ration. The 400GB microSD comes at a price of $250.

For that price, you can have a near in-built memory added to your phone to quell all your storage woes. Most modern Android offers to stick in your microSD as a native internal storage, letting all your app and media storage be bumped on to the external storage. Besides, 400GB is a number that would be well supported by the new devices. So compatibility of your new microSD won’t stand up as a hurdle.

Practical storage of the microSD may vary depending upon the usage. But SanDisk says that its 400GB microSD will hold over 40 hours of Full HD video, which is more than double what you get with the maximum inbuilt storage you can find in smartphones.

Indeed, this might be of no use if you own an iPhone, but SanDisk is cheering up the iPhone users too. They have also launched a new local storage dock for Apple devices that lets you expand the storage by 256GB for a price of $200. Cheaper versions are also available, starting from $50 for a storage of 32GB dock.

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