Canon Elevating Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera with Faster Autofocus

August 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Canon has been particularly keen on improving the adroitness of its entry-level mirrorless segment, and it continues to do so with the newly launched EOS M100. The latest entry-level from Canon will replace the slightly older EOS M10 with endearing additions, but not sans inevitable bargains.

The list of serious upgrades covers perky things including a 24MP image sensor that features Dual Pixel AutoFocus. To begin with, the sensor is not entirely new to the Canon family, but it still is if weighing on with the basic mirrorless segment. In effect, you can expect better and faster autofocus result, those which will be on par with that of a pricy mirrorless camera, say the EOS M5.

A 3-inch tilting LCD screen is another addition that brings with it 1.4-million dot resolution along with touch support. Canon has smartly placed the screen so as to let the user swung it in all directions to capture the perfect selfie shots. Speak of the latter, and Canon has also added effects and filters you get in smartphone including skin smoothening and background blurring.

The camera can shoot Full HD videos at 60 fps, and can also flare up stills at about 6.1fps. It brings in everything you can expect in a basic mirrorless camera. That said, the M100 definitely lacks the support for 4K, which to be fair is rather an impractical trait for a camera of its class. You can still have an upgrade of lens with an adapter, which will let you pop in additional lenses.

Additional features include support for Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi. Support for Android and iOS devices are also present and it in a way fills the void created by the lack of various in-built features including location tagging and remotely controlled shuttering.

The EOS M100 comes with a price-tag of $600 that will offer you the EF-M f/3.5-6.3 STM zoom. You can check out for additional bundles from the official website. The EOS M100 will come out in black and white color variants when it gets shipped out in October this year.

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