Google to Reintroduce Pixel Chromebook this Year, alongside Flagship Smartphone

August 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google will soon have its second wave of Pixel devices launched. But alongside, the Mountain View company is also pulling a surprise pack off its sleeve in the form of a new Chromebook that will be Pixel branded.

To recall, Google has introduced its Pixel branding first with the Chromebook and carried it forward with the Chromebook Pixel 2 device that was launched in 2015. Apparently, the new device will be the direct successor to the Pixel 2 Chromebook.

It’s also Google’s first laptop in two years, making it a device worth looking forward to. Earlier rumors had brought about a device codenamed Bison, which was well poised to be the rival to Apple’s MacBook and iPad Pro on account of its slim profile. The device would feature a 12.3-inch display with high-resolution support.

Inside, it’s said to have 32GB/128GB storage along with 8GB/16GB RAM. Support for stylus pen will also be offered onboard. Interestingly, it will also run a completely refined version of Android, known internally as Andromeda.

The  release date that was reported back then points towards the possibility of the new Pixel being none other than Bison. But it was some time ago, so we can still expect a completely new device brought under the label of Pixel.

Google is yet to announce Andromeda, so it can be expected that Pixel will eventually stick with the Chrome OS when it comes out of the wraps. Further details about the new device are not yet out. The official launch is expected to be taking place during autumn this year. So there’s not much left before we could witness the new device on stage.

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