Motorola Self-Healing Display Patent Gives Hopes to Cracked Screens

August 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Almost everyone out there must have experienced dropping their phone at least once and seeing its screen develop cracks.  The trouble seems to be easing, with Motorola filing a patent for a smartphone display that has the ability to heal itself.

Going by what folks at Slashgear have found, the patent filed by the smartphone maker describes the ability of the phone as to detect when there is a crack on the screen. Once a crack is detected, the phone would alert the user about it.

Following the alert, the user will be able to mark out the cracked area so as to help the phone emit heat to make the display heal itself. If the healing isn’t possible in full flow, the phone will be able to reverse some of the damage.

The idea seems unique, but we need to wait if Motorola would get the result it actually expects. Considering that fully shattered displays could pose a challenge to the healing capability, it remains to be seen how the innovation would shape up.

But then, we need to be aware that what we are hearing about at the moment banks on a patent, and we never know if Moto would actually bring it on for real. Let’s wait to know what Motorola thinks!

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