Nissan Leaf Gets Refreshed; New Gen Electric Car Set to Take on Tesla Beauties

August 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tesla may be ruling the electric car scene at the moment, but Nissan isn’t willing to let it do so for long. The new pictures of the 2018 Nissan Leaf that made its rounds on Twitter space a couple of days ago seem to establish what Nissan thinks.

For, the new upcoming electric vehicle from the car major’s stables could be more than what we all expect on the electric terrain. The imges spotted by WSJ were tweeted by a user named Blue Miata. Significantly enough, Blue Miata also happens to be an employee at a Nissan –related workplace, or, so says the folks at The Verge.

Blue Miata has revealed that he discovered the new Leaf on the inspection line at the Oppama plant. This gives us high hopes about seeing a Leaf soon. Though the Leaf was a top seller in the US market in 2014, Tesla’s Model S and X and also the Chevy Bolt drove past it later on.

Nissan would now look at driving quickly back and regaining lost ground with the new refreshed model. To make it more attractive, Nissan is believed to have thrown in its most advanced driver assistance system into the next-gen Leaf.

If you look for the other features, you would get to know that the Leaf might come sporting an all-electric range between 200-300 miles, ProPilot technology that lets single-lane autonomous driving, and more.

From what we get to know, Nissan would officially launch the Leaf in September.  We just need to wait to know if Nissan would turn a new leaf in its battle against Tesla in the days to come.

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