Skype on Android Now Lets You Do Away with Its Traditional Chat Theme

August 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Skype has undergone various overhauls off-late on the Android ecosystem. And it appears that the development team aren’t willing to end those. A new version of the video-calling app is now up on the app store that adds more layers of refinement to it.

Version 8.3 comes in with a couple of new chat themes to induce a change to the traditional blue-white color layout of Skype. Light and Dark themes are now available that respectively brings out shades of white and black for the willing ones. More options are not available, but at least, it’s a welcome change.

The latest version also adds new activity indicators in the chat list tab. This should make it easier for users to find out their active contacts by lighting a green bulb across their name. Users can also change the order based on active, recent on unread chats.

There aren’t any other overhauls apart from the aforementioned in the latest update. But going by the trend, we can soon expect the developers to pull out another version with a host of tweaks. Recently, they have introduced money transaction feature in tie-up with PayPal for the Android version. The feature was also introduced for iOS subsequently with support for the feature in 22 countries.

The latest update doesn’t add any layer of features to the money transaction. But it does brings gives an uplift to performance and stability of the app. Skype v8.3 is available for download from Google Play. Users can also head to APKmirror to grab the latest version if it’s still not available in your Play Store.


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