Google will Soon Let You Sync Your Text Messages across Chromebooks

July 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome OS is expanding beyond its current capabilities. Its latest expansion is placing eye on transforming the OS into a more universal platform by chaining it with your smartphones. As a result, you could soon be able to fetch more of your mobile syncs on to your Chromebooks.

This is more likely to be kick-started with a new feature that will enable syncing of your text messages with Chromebooks. As per the latest screenshots given out by ChromeUnboxed, the Chrome OS will be bringing home the SMS Connect feature that will push text notifications right onto your Chromebook devices.

The images were taken from a Samsung Chromebook Plus device that ran the latest developer build of Chrome OS. Accordingly, the settings have to be enabled under the new option ‘Enable Multidevice features’ that have popped up in latest version. The feature isn’t yet active, and is currently serving as a placeholder in the developer version. But it sounds interesting, given that a universal sync would make for a Google version of the iMessages.

It also needs to be seen whether the feature will be joining hands with Assistant, which is another feature that is prepping up to make its jump onto Chromebook. We should have more information about the feature once the latest Chrome 61 version gets released in few weeks.

Google will also have its Eve Chromebook released in the coming time. We can expect the device to feature other transition features for the Chrome OS including an updated function bar along with Google Assistant integration.

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