Microsoft is Taking Your Smartphones Closer to PC with Its Latest Windows 10 Preview

July 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has been vigorously trying to bridge the gaps between smartphone OS and Windows 10 running on PCs. They have even divulged this desire earlier this year. Now, the first sprout is becoming visible.

The latest preview, build 16521, for Windows 10 comes with new developer tools that will facilitate the linking of an Android device with Windows 10. This has been enabled with the introduction of a new ‘Microsoft Apps’ application that has been made available to the developers with the new preview.

The app will enable the linking of Android devices to a PC with additional features that focuses on the universal approach. It includes cross-device features including ability to share links directly from a smartphone to a Windows 10 PC.

Indeed, the features are limited considering that it’s just the start. But we can expect more in the future, including support for direct sharing of files, contents from Clipboard and more. erations like shutting doThe application offers support only for Android as of now, but we can soon expect the roll out of iOS support with a future update.

As with other additions, Microsoft has also polished its personal assistant with the latest preview. Cortana will now be pushing results from within the app. That means, you won’t have to open up a browser anymore to access your search results through Cortana. The current range of results covers the most frequently asked like weather, flight status, movies, stock prices and more.

Microsoft is also giving more power to Cortana with Windows 10 by enabling voice commands to perform operations like shutting down, locking or signing on your PCs.

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