Waze has Finally Navigated Its Way into Android Auto

July 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Waze was expected always a sure-shot for Android Auto. The community-ridden app however was dragged out in its beta phase, which has finally now come to a close however. The app is now making its way on to all the Android Auto running navigation systems in automobiles.

Waze started its beta in April this year, and Google had been collecting broad feedback before it fine-tuned the final version of the app for Android Auto. That’s not a strange path for Waze either. The app itself is popular because of all the community-longing features it has added over time.

As with the Android Auto experience, Waze does fetches a lot from the smartphone versions of the app. Almost all the features are carried over including the ones that report accidents, delays, police and hazards. But Waze has kept in mind the Android Auto nativity, for which it has tweaked the user interface to get fitted on the larger screen.

The UI also adds new icons and menus that makes use of larger font for the seven-inch displays. That should make it easier for users to report all the on-road events. Alongside, the options are also kept minimized so that it seldom takes your eyes off the road.

Similar to the original app, Waze on Android Auto lets users to easily bring navigation options to saved destinations including work and home addresses. Updates will be provided along the journey, and Waze will also suggest alternate routes in case of any hazard ahead of your route.

Waze still doesn’t offer the support to use it on an Android Auto running smartphone. That said, you will have to be plugged in to a vehicle or head unit to use Waze in your Android Auto smartphones. But that shouldn’t bother users after all.

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