Hong-Kong Startup’s New Smart Ring will Transform Your Finger into an Earpiece

July 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Keeping your mobile devices clasped on to your ears for prolonged communications become exasperating, and so came the Bluetooth headset. But now, some minds are thinking the same to be old-fashioned, or rather too unsuitable for day-to-day use.

Acknowledging the demand for an easy communication with the smartphones, they have come up with quite a novel idea, communication through your fingers.

Hong Kong startup Origami Labs are the one who are now trying to induce a new form of voice communication through your smartphones. And they have managed to achieve it with the help of a ring which they call the Orii smart ring.

It’s a simple device that will let you communicate through your smartphones without any extra gadget over your ear. Instead of those ear-pieces, the Ori ring will make use of a technology called Bone communication to fetch the voice down to your ear lobes.

For those unaware, bone communication is not new to the gadget world. Those are being tested and used in the hearing aid market. Even the entertainment stream has witnessed the use of technology being employed by a couple of headphones including the ones from AfterShokz.

Going with the technology, the Orii smart ring is more close to the Sgnl wrist band which let users communicate without having to place anything near their ears. With that said, users will still have to give an exercise to their arms by raising them till your ears, except for that you won’t have to hold any device.

Besides, it also ups the overall quality of the voice, though not up to the mark of normal headphones. Sure, it’s not an entertainment piece, and it’s meant solely for communications, preferably quick and short ones.

Orii comes with additional features like LED notification lights that can be customized via the companion app on Android and iOS. You will also have access to voice assistants of the respective platforms. An estimated talk-time battery of 45 standby hours is also on the cards, though we have to get a clarity on the real talk-time life it can deliver.

The device is currently undergoing a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, where its early-bird price has been fixed at $119. Shipping of the device is expected to commence by February 2018.

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