Google Image Stabilization Tools are Finally Making their Way into Android

July 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Motion Stills app was launched last year on iOS with the core purpose of offering a GIF maker that stabilizes your images without any hardware retrofit. Now, it’s finally preparing for an entry into the Android ecosystem.

Indeed, the absence of Live Photos means that Android users will be restricted to looping GIFs and videos. The latter was also made available in the iOS version that alongside offered converting them into stabilized looping videos.

The app do comes with some noticeable differences with its algorithm for both the ecosystems. The video processing for iOS has been completely redesigned to fit in to the Android platform. A streaming approach has now been embraced to process each frame of the video on a real-time basis.

Google says that this new process will give an upper hand in the overall optimization of the full sequence. That’s because this real-time processing will be layered by an additional loop optimization, adding up the overall optimization of the captured clips.

To capture a short Motion Still, users can just tap the camera button like you use to take a snap. Holding it longer will capture the short video that will be optimized accordingly. Alongside, the videos can also be condensed through a new feature called Fast Forward that’s apt for longer recordings.

Motion Stills is compatible with all Android devices running 5.1 Lollipop version of the OS and above. Google is also planning to integrate the feature with other native apps including Google Photos, an outcome which is solely dependent on the user feedback of the new feature available.

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