Mircosoft GLAS, a Smart Thermostat Powered by Cortana and Windows IoT, Unveiled

July 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google started its home automation journey with the acquisition of Nest, the mere thermostat device. Now, it seems like Microsoft is stepping on a similar journey.

Joining on its journey with home automation is Johnson Controls, makers of the first electronic room thermostat. And this new partnership will be giving birth to a new thermostat called GLAS, which Microsoft has officially revealed along with a small demo through its YouTube channel.

As per the details available, the thermostat will feature a translucent touchscreen display through which users will be able to tweak the parameters. They can use the screen to perform all the related actions including setting room temperatures and changing them, checking energy consumption, and also to scroll through calendar events and other information.

The biggest highlight will be the inclusion of Cortana services. The voice services will come along with the Windows 10 IoT Core OS from Microsoft. Microsoft has earlier revealed its plans to get Cortana integrated with various products and GLAS is the first step in that direction. We can witness its future expansion onto other products including toasters and fridges.

As with other highlights, GLAS thermostats will be able to detect user presence in a room to automatically adjust the temperature. It will also have ability to constantly measure air quality, both indoor and outdoor.

There’s no word on when the thermostat will be made available. Microsoft has mentioned the target sector to be business and commercial properties. For that matter, it has also got the Azure cloud services tied in with the thermostat. So we would have to wait to see if it would be made available to the consumer end.

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