Google Introduces Feed to Make Flagship App a Browsing Destination

July 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s most prominent app has for long been known for searches. It later introduced the card-based Google Now feature to offer more than just searches to the users. Now, the company is taking its biggest terms in that direction.

Google’s flagship app is now receiving an update that will introduce feeds to the iOS and Android versions of the app. This new feed will be a collection of stories that you would find interesting. That’s because Google will present those stories based on your search and browsing history. It can be based on your favorite search topics or from publishers you often visit.

With the introduction, Google will replace the prominence of Google Now under the search bar with feed, with the card-based Now being pushed to a distinct tab in the Google App at present. Each stories will be provided with multiple options like dismissing it from your feed, or unfollowing the publisher or topic. That said, Google will also be introducing a feature to follow the particular topics or publishers.

In short, Google wants to transform the Google App into a hub similar to Facebook or Twitter where users would spend more time in search for news and stories. But unlike the latter platforms, Google will bring out stories based on its relevance rather than based on its time of appearance. So don’t get surprised even if a one-year old blog appears on your feed; that’s because Google thinks that it might be of value to you.

At present, the feed is available both on Android and iOS versions of the app. Plans are to expand the feed to the mobile and desktop web version of Google to give a major facelift to the rather simple homepage of Google. Google has been previewing feed in the Android app since December last year.

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