Samsung’s Confirmation Puts Note 8 Launch Ahead of iPhone and Pixel

July 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have already witnessed the introduction of some awe-inspiring smartphones this year. But the bigger ones are still yet to arrive. The likes of iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 8 has been already topping the rumor headlines with the leaked pieces of information, but it appears that Samsung will be the once to hit the market with the equally anticipated Galaxy Note 8 device.

According to Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh, the manufacturers will be bringing out the Note 8 as early as August this year. That’s enough to start the count-down. And for a closer proximity, rumors are pointing out that the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched at an event in New York at August 23 or August 26.

Even if those fails to stay true, we will have the launch taking place not far from those dates. Koh had earlier confirmed the Note 8 device way back in January when he snubbed down the possibility of a pullover with the Note series following the Note 7 hiatus.

Note 8 will be featuring the same Exynos/SD 835 chipset variants like in the Galaxy S8 for respective markets. The biggest change is expected to come in the form of dual-cam addition to the rear-face of the device. As with the display, Samsung will feature the biggest Infinite Display with a size of 6.3-inches.

It needs to be seen whether Samsung will be upping the resolution to give an edge to the Note 8 over the Galaxy S8 Plus device which features a display not much lesser in size. There is also no word on whether Samsung will finally come out with glass-embedded sensors. Those have really pushed the anticipation high for the upcoming Note entry.

But it would be also fair to say that the anticipation for Samsung’s Note successor has not been solely attributed by those. Indeed, it’s the first device in the Note series to show up after what happened with the Note 7 last year. Samsung has bounced back from the fall with the Galaxy S8 flagship, but it still needs to prove it grounds with a device from the series, which is what the tech world is eagerly looking forward with the launch of Galaxy Note 8.

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