Gboard for Android can Now Detect When you Go Incognito

July 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Like every other keyboard, Gboard too is a self-learning keyboard that goes through every input made to pull out helpful suggestions later on. But that doesn’t mean it has to look through your input every time, especially when you are surfing an incognito session.

The latest update from Google for its Android keyboard fixes this exact issue. With the update, Gboard will now automatically enter into an incognito mode with overlaid icons of the incognito mode from Chrome browser when entering a secret session in the later.

Users must make sure that they have the latest version of Google Chrome installed, i.e. version 59+. That said, Gboard will only go incognito once it detects an incognito session being worked out with Chrome, and not on any other browsers. There is no way provided as of now to manually switch to incognito mode either.

Google hasn’t given a complete clarification regarding the incognito working of the Gboard. But we can assume it to be closing it eyes when inputting in such incognito sessions. Additional features are not yet revealed. Gboard has already got the feature running in the developer preview versions of Android O.

Apart from that, the new update also brings in some minor visual changes. Theme page now gets a grid display instead of the previously available carousel view. Suggestion bar also gets tweaked with repositioning of the list of tools and shortcuts inside. A GIF icon is now provided by default to take users swiftly to the GIF search option that was recently introduced in Gboard.

Version 6.4 is now available on Play Store for beta testers. The update is also expected to include additional language support when it hits the stable channel.

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