WhatsApp Finally Lets You Transfer Files, Apart from Media and PDFs

July 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is closing the gap between personal and business communications by upping it as a platform that caters both. As a result, the messenger service is now introducing new file sharing tools that will busy its channel of one-on-one file sharing.

With the recent update for Android, WhatsApp will finally let users send any file of their choice through the messaging application. This would mean that they could send not just images or videos, but also any file that’s stored on their smartphone storage.

Until now, WhatsApp has limited the sharing feature to images, videos, GIFs, and PDFs apart from other sharing traits like contacts or location. But with the new update, users can send additional files including .rar or other doc files like .doc and .xls.

The only limitation is that users should restrict their file within a size of 100 MB. Indeed, it’s not a huge barrier, as users would rarely rely upon instant messengers to send files of higher sizes. A bigger concern however pops up in regard with security.

WhatsApp hasn’t mentioned about its encryption plans for the newly shared files despite bracketing the chat windows as end-to-end encrypted. The latter do includes images and videos, but a clarity with respect to the new files is still to be provided.

This can raise some concern, given that WhatsApp doesn’t offer a peer-to-peer service as of yet. Interference is open for such communication channels that are transmitted without encryption. We hope they address this soon.

You can head to the Play Store to download the latest update for WhatsApp. The feature is expected to get launched in iOS soon. Other additions in the update include a new swipe-up option within the in-app camera to open the camera roll, and a new tap and hold to select and format texts.

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