Apple iPhone 8 will Miss Out on Wireless Charging at Launch

July 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumors about flagship features always ignite the excitement much before the official launch takes place. Not all of them accompany the final device. Sadly, most of them disappear due to the inability of the manufacturer to ease past the technical difficulties within the specified time.

We have recently seen majors like Samsung dropping much-expected features from their Galaxy S8 to cop up with the timeframe. A similar upset is now expected to take place in the case of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 8.

Apple’s revolutionary 10th anniversary iPhone is no short of innovative technologies as per the rumors. Certainly, the edge-to-edge display is the most talked one. But equally worth is the introduction of wireless charging, which has been available on iPhones only via third-party kits until now with Apple’s smartphones.

However, Apple’s push for wireless charging is now taking a serious blow according to blogger John Gruber. Accordingly, the iPhone 8 won’t be carrying a wireless charging feature on-board, at least during launch.

Wireless charging is all set to be the next standard feature in iPhones from this year. But the prediction now is that they will be sold separately rather than getting it bundled it with the iPhone 8 right from the launch.

The worry is that any effort to launch it with the feature would derail Apple’s plan of staying in the timeline. This is forcing Apple to launch the feature along with a later iOS release, or more specifically with the release of iOS 11.1.

There’s some solace after all. KGI has recently mentioned that the wireless charging technology won’t be exclusive to iPhone 8. In fact, it would be made available for all the iPhones that gets launched this year. At least that cements the expectation that iPhones will make wireless charging a standard feature from this year.

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