Twitter Now Lets You Get Rid of Notifications from Strangers

July 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is a messy place. It can get really flooded with replies and comments, most of the time which irritates the owner of the tweets. Measures are still not in place to cut down such spams and annoying comments. Yet, Twitter is offering a solace with a new feature.

The new feature comes with advanced filter options that will let users mute the notifications from accounts that don’t follow them. In a sense, no more will Twitter pop up notifications from users that are strange to you on your Twitter circle.

This follows the recent update in which Twitter let users completely mute the accounts with less credibility, like those having no profile photo, or those without a confirmed email address or phone number.

The option to mute notifications from accounts a user doesn’t follow was introduced, and it was surprising to see Twitter skipping the mute function for the vice versa. Maybe they have just paid solid attention to the concerns.

Users can turn on the filter from settings under Notifications on the web browser. The app version is also equipped with the new feature, and users can find it under the Notifications timeline placed under the settings icon.

Twitter’s new feature might not be handy in cutting out spams and abuses from the platform. Yet, it’s a good move to get rid of unwanted notifications with the aid of automatic filtering, something which is still under the process with respect to Twitter.

Twitter stresses that the new feature will help prevent potential abuse of mass unfollowing people who keep on following other accounts to amass large followers. We will have to wait to see if the new feature pans out the result Twitter is hoping for.

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