Android Trying to Keep Malware Off with New Hidden Feature

July 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has been constantly working to foster the security of its Android OS, and it has come up a long way in that regard. Yet, being primarily open to third party accesses, Android is still an OS that’s open for numerous malware threats.

Google is now entering to address this very concern. Despite lacking complete reign over such malicious apps, Google’s effort still draws laud for the fact that it’s discretely using offer an opt-out of such rogue applications that hamper their privacy and security.

Called the Panic Mode, this new feature has been secretly introduced in Android’s Nougat version. Not every user running Nougat in their devices will be able to enable the feature though. That’s because Google offers support to the new feature only for Android Nougat 7.1 version.

With the panic mode, users can immediately come out of any rogue apps and quickly gain access to their home screen. Google will realize a potential threat once it finds the user tapping back button repeatedly on such applications. When such an event occurs, Android will automatically override the running application with the homescreen to offer a means to the user for getting rid of the app straight away and conveniently.

The feature hasn’t been announced publicly by Google. Users with the said OS will also have to manually enable the feature under settings to get it functioning. It’s not sure if Google is only testing out its new feature to make it turned on by default with future update for all the Nougat versions.

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