Camera Maker RED Makes Smartphone Foray with Holographic Displays

July 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Camera manufacturers entering the sphere of smartphone is nothing new. We have seen the likes of Kodak and Polaroid coming up with their own smartphones, only to be squeezed out in a market that’s probably the most crowded.

That, however, hasn’t stopped other manufacturers from trying the same. The latest to give a shot at smartphones from the camera domain is RED. But unlike the predecessors, RED is not just giving an experimental shot. Instead, it’s hurling a smartphone that’s innovative with design, the one that’s packed with some sheer power, and the one that will be the costliest of all.

RED’s Hydrogen One will cost a whopping $1,195 when it comes to the market, a price-tag that would be suicidal for a company that’s fresh in the field. But for that price, it’s bundling a feature that would justify the pricing: holographic display.

The 5.7-inch display of Hydrogen One will be capable of displaying 2D media like any smartphone. Alongside, it will also power up 3D video prowess. But the highlight is the new multi-view that would offer 4-view content compared to the 2-view content offered by stereo 3D. That according to the company, is something which will come unparalleled and that holds the power to subdue lenticular 3D displays, something which the rest are keen of.

We are yet to witness a pragmatic working of the so-called superior display. But RED assures that it will offer new viewing experience to users with seamless switching between 2D, 3D, and holographic contents. Needless to say that the device will also offer support for AR and VR technologies as the aim was to create a device that would get rid of glasses to offer an immersive virtual world experience to the users.

RED is yet to reveal any other details regarding the phone, except for that it would provide micro-SD expansion slots. That’s not a surprise, as we can expect the device to give special attention to camera including support for high-end video capture.

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