Get Set to Launch Apps the Pixel-Way in Chrome OS

July 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Chrome OS offers almost everything which the Android offers. But there are certain hiccups for few elements caused by the unfair adaption to 2-in-1 devices. App Launchers are one among them, and though available, it has proved to be outworn compared to what’s available on the smartphone counterpart.

But thankfully, Google will soon address those concerns as it is gearing up with a new app launcher. With the new launcher, Google will make users feel the department more adapted to the 2-in-1 devices by being more touch friendly. The launcher is currently being tested right now publicly, which means that users can experience the new launcher right away.

Users can enter the app launcher by tapping the new launcher button that’s made available on the Chrome OS. The action will evoke a list of recently used apps along with an easily accessible search bar with which you can search for the installed apps.

Users can view the entire list of apps by simply sliding up from here. This will present an overview of the complete list of installed apps in a way similar to that of in Pixel Launcher. The launcher works quite the very way in which the current launcher works. However, Google has smartly tweaked the interface to make it feel refreshed to the users.

The changes are currently tested through the Canary channel and any user who make the switch to Canary channel is now eligible to test the feature. Just type chrome:// chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-app-list while in the Canary channel and you will be able to enjoy the new launcher once the device is restarted.

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