Snapchat Now Facilitates Sharing of Web Links Along with New Additions

July 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat is not a platform primarily affiliated with instant messaging, but it’s providing all it can to ease the IM services within its bound. The photo sharing app has just received a new update that will finally let users share web-link through the app to their contacts.

Unlike rest, sharing of links isn’t straight-forward in Snapchat. Instead, web-links can be attached along with an image taken through Snapchat, and this will be displayed alongside once the image is shared to your contacts. The service, called Paperclip, will be available before sharing and tapping it will open an input box where user can feed website link.

Snapchat is also offering Google’s Safe Browsing service to scan for any potential threats in the websites. The feature is similar to the one in Instagram considering the way photos can be attached with links. However, unlike the latter which allows only verified users to enjoy the service, Snapchat is making the feature available to all its users on iOS and Android.

The update also brings in other additions to the app including new Geofilters, Backdrops and interestingly, new voice filters. The latter can be used to remix custom voices on to recordings captured within the app before it is made public. This is in addition to the custom AR filter lenses that allows remix of audio with preset voice modulations.

The Backdrop feature will let users crop desired area from your snaps to apply specific filters. The on-demand Geofilters will let users fill in filters based on location and time during which the snaps are captured. These are available from prices starting $5.99 for filters, with the price going up depending up on the length of the area and time.

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