Google’s Mobile Search Might Receive an Extra Pinch of Material Design

July 7, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know that Material Design has been what Google has been pioneering with respect to their products. Google’s mobile search interface was not an early adopter to this however, but it has later embraced the design to present a neater layout of searches both on Android and iOS. Now it’s preparing for the next gear shift.

According to latest report, Google is testing a new design overhaul for mobile searches on iOS and Android devices. The new design, spotted by Redditor Shadow53558, presents only minimal difference when taking a quick glance. But a deeper observation will reveal the minor, yet valuable, additions the new interface will be bringing in.

The primary change is with the way search results are arranged. Google has opted its card based layout to represent each search results as distinct cards. Along with the slight design changes, Google has also pushed the web-page addresses above the page headings to make users better aware of the source of those results.

Along with those, a new dotted color bar is also present. As of now, it is unsure of what its purpose would be, since clicks and holds hasn’t yet shown any responsive action. The additional bar barely appears to have been put up to better distinguish search results. These should clearly serve a purpose, which we might come to know about later on hopefully. Additionally, Google also appears to have narrowed down the number of paid-ad links from its search results.

The feature is only being tested among closed devices, and there’s a clear indication that it might or might not be present as a part of future updates. But it would be a welcome change should Google opt to wave the green flag for the design tweaks.

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