Twitter Reducing In-App Animations Across its Home Feed

July 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is bringing some noticeable revamps in a bid to curb down the hiccups in its home feed. Like it has been before, the latest update is currently being tested on the beta version on Android.

With version 7.4, Twitter is adding the option of reducing motion that would put a check on in-app animations. Those will reach to the likes of the live engagement count that is present on the home feed for tweets.

The new ‘Reduce motion’ option can be found under Accessibility pane in the settings. When enabled, Twitter will reduce the in-app animations, or majorly the live engagement counts so as to facilitate smooth surfing within the home feed.

Prior to the update, Twitter displayed live count updates when viewed on the home feed including those of reply, retweets and like. With the option enabled, Twitter will embrace a traditional approach of updating the counts only upon an event of refresh, say when returning to the home feed after viewing a particular tweet.

Despite being enabled to improve stutter-free home feed surging, Twitter has still refrained the feature from curbing other animations like when liking a heart and the spinning FAB when switching between tabs. That said, there is still a heavy chunk of animation present in the home feed, except for that those will take place only when a user action is evoked and not automatically.

Apart from the new feature, Twitter is also addressing some minor bugs with the new beta including an extended tappable area for tapping the carrot. The updates would be hitting the stable version by next week.

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