Smart Speaker Mania; Next to Hop In is Samsung

July 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What was started by Amazon has now reached till the likes of Apple, and it’s going beyond. According to the latest report, tech behemoth Samsung is the latest company that are prepared to join the bandwagon of smart speakers.

The report from WSJ indicates that Samsung has been behind the works for a smart speaker for over a year. Codenamed Vega, this new smart speaker will introduce a new AI to the speaker domain, which is obviously the in-house Bixby AI. It would be interesting to see how the new personal assistant cops up in the new domain, despite the fact that it’s having a rather unhealthy run in the flagship smartphone of the company.

Though working on it for a year, Samsung is not quite sure as of when it would be up for hitting the stores. That’s because there are still many hurdles to cross for the company including the finalization of features and specifications. Those would be the one that play a key part for the proliferation of speaker in an already crowded segment dominated by Amazon Echo.

It’s also interesting as to see if Samsung would moot for the domination of AI over speaker capabilities. Amazon Echo and Google Home devices have placed its priority upon their respective personal assistant, while Apple has focused on honing the speaker quality to rather project it as a premium speaker with voice control features.

Vega is also not the first attempt from Samsung in the field of speakers. Back in 2015, they have had the plan to debut their speaker code-named Hive at MWC. It was later dropped with software issues cited as the prime reason for its abandoning. We hope they have taken the right notes to come across all those barriers this time around.

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