WhatsApp finally Uplifts In-App Camera with Addition of New Night Mode

July 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is indeed one among the major messenger platforms available in smartphones today. But that come along with some major accusation for its in-app camera. With rivals plodding with filters and AR stickers inside in-app cameras, WhatsApp stayed reluctant in bringing about any change to the boring camera it features inside the app. But signals are that it could soon change.

The latest WhatsApp version for iOS now arrives with a major upgrade for its in-app camera. With the update, WhatsApp is providing an additional option of capturing dim-light photos with its new Night Mode.

The feature is present inside the in-app camera in the form of night mode icon, which interestingly will pop-up only when it detects low-light. The feature will turned off by default when appearing, and users can click on it to add some extra brightness t to your images captured in low-light conditions. The icon will automatically disappear once it detects the presence of sufficient light for your imagery.

The feature is currently available only for photos and not for capturing videos in low-light. Besides, it’s also only made available for the iOS version. The feature is also not present in any of the beta version of Android, and there’s no word on when it will be hitting the Android devices.

The addition of a night-mode doesn’t sound like a take on on rival apps that are providing a gush of camera features. However, it’s a signal that WhatsApp is taking the bold steps to pump up its camera, which otherwise have been left out in all its previous updates.

The update follows the previous one that brought the ability to stream videos instead of viewing them after download on iOS. The feature was made available earlier in Android. WhatsApp has also recently updated the Android version with support for emoji search along with the already available GIF search.

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