Google Starts Rolling Out Suggested Sharing in Photos

June 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

During the I/O conference, Google revealed a set of intriguing additions to the Photos app that will involve a heavy bunch of AI. Those features are now getting ready to be enabled on the Photos app.

Google has now announced that it has started the process of rolling out an update for Photos on both Android and iOS that will power them with the new Suggested Sharing feature. Google Photos will also be receiving other handy additions alongside including the new Shared Library.

With the update, Google Photos will now push for smart suggestions via notifications. This will guide you to a new Sharing tab which will be put along with the app’s navigation bar. Google Photos will be analyzing your sharing habits so as to come up with new share suggestions.

Suggestions will appear as cards distinguished by various parameters like day, persons included in the photo etc. Alongside having suggestions of whom to share the photos with, users can also add personalized message before finalizing the sharing.

As with Shared Libraries, the feature will be available within the hamburger menu and will let you share an entire library with other persons. Users can decide the photos to be shared, which can be folders or even the entire photos from your library. Google says that the feature has been introduced to ease sharing of images which involves events and happenings from life that deals with the shared persons.

Sharing will have to be accepted by the recipient. Once accepted, Google Photos will automatically share photos and videos that gets captured under the category in future. Users can save either the entire library or just save the photos they want from the shared library.

Google hasn’t mentioned an exact date of roll out or by when it will be completed. But it’s expected that devices can expect the update as soon as before next week. The feature will also be made available on the web platform for Google Photos.

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