Sony Resurrecting Facial Recognition with 3D Mapping for Advanced Authentication

June 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone vendors are fortifying the layers of security in their devices. What started off with PINs and patterns have now come up to offering iris scan security. And it’s not stopping there either. Sony is the one who is currently on a mission to bring out a new means of authentication, and for that cause, it’s relying on 3D facial recognition.

Don’t get it confused with the facial recognition unlock features you might have bumped upon in your Android devices. Even the early batch of Xperia devices have offered facial unlocking techniques. However, the prior method relied on a 2D image of your face. Sony’s technology differs in the sense that it will make use of your entire head to unlock the authentication.

Sony is now said to be working closely with Swiss company KeyLemon, which focuses on developing facial recognition technologies. The word from the latter is that it’s developing a more robust technology that would far more reliable than conventional 2D facial recognition technologies. This will be done by using near infrared capabilities that will scan for numerous angles of various points in your head.

That said, we can expect the technology to block bypass measures like using a facial image to hop past the authentication.

Even Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scan was criticized of letting users pass through authentication by using an iris image with a contact lens. If worked out, Sony’s new facial recognition technology will cut off such illicit means of getting past the authentication process.

The feature is expected to be demoed at the MWC Shanghai event this week. It will be demonstrated on an Xperia device. So chances are that the technology will be making its debut in one of its upcoming premium Xperia flagship device.

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