Google Neural Network will Now Help You Complete Your Doodle Drawings

June 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There aren’t much keyboards present today that doesn’t brag about autofill or smart prediction features. Picking up words and realizing them isn’t no more a hectic task for the AI behind the scenes. What if the same applies to your drawing? Just start drawing a doodle and let the AI take the rest from you?

Neural networks have been undergoing heavy workouts to get their brains honed, one case of which is to aid you with drawing. The baby steps were enforced last year by Google with the launch of AutoDraw. Contrary to what the name suggest, AutoDraw never helped us in getting our drawings completed automatically. Instead, it just pondered through our drawings to identify the final sketch.

Thanks to its success that Google is taking things a bit further. Arrives Sketch RNN, which should have been the one coined as AutoDraw. Google’s new web-based service is yet another demonstration of its neural network development. And this times, it will give you a helping hand in completing your doodle drawings.

Unlike AutoDraw, the RNN doesn’t identify what’s being drawn. In fact, the AI knows what’s being drawn even before you start the drawing. That’s because Google asks us to draw an object from the preset list it offers after selecting one, like say a cat. That might sound weird, but its prowess is in picking up from where you have left.

Be it even a small piece of line, Google’s Sketch RNN will complete the doodle from what’s available to complete the piece of drawing. Of course, the results aren’t always perfect, but it does reflect its ability to apply the AI wisely in cases where the given resources are scanty. It’s a raw exhibition of the progress of the AI in providing pragmatic help to human in the future.

You can have a taste of it yourself by heading to this site. Google says the AI works best with desktop, but you can try a hand of it through smartphones as well.

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