HTC Squeezable Edges Can Now Control More Actions than Before

June 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC took us by surprise when it launched its U11 smartphone with the squeezable edges. However, the limited functionality of the feature led the users to curse it the same way Galaxy S8 users would have done with Bixby.

But we have some good news, as HTC is quickly reacting to those worries by bringing in some additional functionalities for the Edge Sense feature. HTC still insists that squeezing a smartphone is the most natural thing to do, which is the reason why they have decided to earmark the feature as a salient one.

The additional features now expands to more set of applications including navigation, which will make use of the pressure variation of the squeezes to zoom in and out of the map.

The same applies to photos when being viewed through Gallery. Presumably, HTC will gradually make the pressure sensing edges an alternate to the pinch and zoom options with your fingers on the touchscreen by expanding the functionality to wherever possible.

Apart from that, it also now gets integrated with Google Calendar. As a result, users can ow use the Edge Sense feature to toggle between the various views that is present in Google Calendar, namely the monthly, weekly and week plus month views.

While the addition of a couple of features might still not sound appealing for many, it still implies that HTC has got more in their kitty with the Edge Sense features.

Despite being launched with limited applications, HTC is now giving a leg up to Edge Sense to take it above the notch and be perpetuated in their upcoming smartphones. So we can more expansion moving ahead with Edge Sense.

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