Facebook to Soon Have a Dedicated Platform for Live Videos

June 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is heavily betting on video and it’s no secret. From heavily video-oriented updates within the app to off-the-app services, Facebook has shown keen interest in taking the future social media to a video-oriented platform.

Yet, they still doesn’t appear on the list of the pioneers of video broadcasting, thanks to the likes of YouTube. But that could be about to change as Facebook is now attempting to take similar routes for bettering their contribution in video streams and broadcasts.

At VidCon this weekend, the social media behemoth has revealed a new unnamed app which will focus on video creators than casual video uploaders. As a result, Facebook’s new app will be hitched to Facebook Mentions, which is in line with the focus of rolling out tools for the closed group of dedicated video uploaders.

Facebook’s focus is over original video creators. Apart from the currently available features, the new app will come with additional creative kits that will add a bunch of new tools to video creation including intros and outros for live videos. Custom stickers and frames will also be a part of this kit that will be kept off the bay of Facebook Live.

Being an app with focus on video uploads, Facebook will also be adding a new Community Tab with which the uploaders will be able to keep track of their fans and their interaction. Detailed stats of the video will also be provided revealing info like who’s watching and their videos are being consumed.

In short, the new app will be a dedicated and expanded version of the Facebook Live, but with focus on more frequent video uploaders. The tying up with Facebook Mentions will also confine the access of the service to verified users including celebrities and journalists.

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