Snapchat Adds Snap Map to Share Real-Time Locations with Friends

June 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat will soon foray in to a domain which it’s not quite familiar with –  location sharing. The app will soon be letting its users share their real-time location with their friends and families with the introduction of a new feature which the company calls Snap Map.

Snap Map is similar to the sharing feature enabled by some other apps including Google Maps. The feature will be turned off by default, and users can turn it on to let their location be shared among select friends or everyone. In addition, it can also be turned on with a Ghost Mode that hides your locations from the rest even when shared.

The map can be invoked by simply pinching across the home screen using two fingers to zoom out the map. Real-time location of your friends who have opted to share the location with you will appear as Bitmojis within the map.

Unlike the sharing feature in navigational apps, Snapchat won’t be turning on the feature once you are out of the app. It means that there won’t be any background tracing of your location. Your location will still be present, but it won’t be updated unless you get inside the app once again.

In case if you doesn’t open the app for too long, your Bitmoji will automatically be washed off from the real-time map. The feature although has raised concerns among parents of revealing location of their child that could make it easier for getting them bullied or stalked.

Apart from real-time locations of users, the Snap Map will also highlight locations from where certain collaborative Our Story has originated. This will be accompanied by a heat zone specification to indicate the count of snaps taken from divided locations. Snap Map will also display popular events taking place around your vicinity and also from across the globe.

Snap Map will be arriving shortly on both Android and iOS version of the app through an update. So keep checking the respective app store to know if it’s ready to project your Bitmojis on to the map.

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