Instagram Narrowing the Reach of Your Shared Posts to keep you More Engaged

June 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s quite sensible to assume that not all snaps taken in your devices make way into Instagram, be it even an ardent user of the photo-hosting app. There are plenty a reason behind this, and one most prominent one is the circle with which one want to share their photos.

Not every photos are meant for the entire circle who are following you on your Instagram account, feels Instagram. As a result, they are now testing new feature with which users will be given more control over the users to which posts are to be shared.

Instagram believes that adding such an option would let people post more by letting them share snaps to closed groups. Besides, the feature will also ensure that your post reaches out to the close ones in your circle.

The feature for now is being called ‘favorites, and will work with both regular and Stories. Lists can be created among your friends to which you want to share specific posts. The decision to share a post publicly or within the group can be made while creating the post.

Instagram product lead Robby Stein has openly addressed the necessity of a feature to bring down the unofficial means of restricted sharing. Such methods include users posting and deleting contents when they feel it has reached the targeted audience or users. The followers in many cases have also been restricted to specific friends. With Favorites, Instagram believes that it will be bringing the curtains down for such trends among its users.

Currently, the feature is being tested among closed user groups. There’s no word on when the service will be made available for all. The word from Instagram is that Favorites will be going live soon for wider group of audience.

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