Google Reveals Point and Shoot VR Cameras to Make VR Video Capturing Just Child’s Play

June 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has ceaselessly led its efforts to create affordable VR platforms that are much easier for the mass. It started off with the Cardboard initiative that let open the gates of VR viewing to anyone with a smartphone, and now it has come to the point where it’s encouraging everyone to get into VR video making.

The access has now been opened for VR180, Google’s new video format that will forge high-resolution VR videos with what’s in front of you. And as a companion, Google has also revealed its new VR180 camera that will capture the VR videos in the simplest way available as of now.

The VR180 camera is a simple point and shoot camera that will capture 3D videos in 180-degree format. Google has cut short the viewing limit by half citing that people doesn’t usually turn their heads to the back to check the contents.

That makes enough sense; a 180-degree view is all it requires to get one engulfed in a virtual world. Besides, it can also emit the Jump system to get rid of the ‘middle obstacle’ that is more time consuming when it comes to video processing.

VR videos created using the camera can be viewed on desktop as well as smartphones using the respective VR gear like the Cardboard for smartphones. Besides, it will also support livestreaming videos.

Google will team up with its Daydream partners that include big names like Lenovo and LG to deliver fully finished VR180 cameras. But that doesn’t limit the scope of the video, as the new VR format can be recorded even using other cameras that would support it.

The first batch of the VR180 cameras is expected to arrive this winter, but there’s no word on the pricing. Sure, it will be far less than what is being priced for the current VR capturing hardware.

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