Mozilla Opens up Private Browsing on Android with Firefox Focus

June 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Private and Incognito surfing session has become so prominent in current-age internet world that browsers have churned out dedicated versions for the same in multiple platforms. One such output was Firefox Focus for iOS from Mozilla, which was launched with ad-tracking and incognito features. Feeling its success on iOS, Mozilla is now expanding the platform to Android ecosystem.

Firefox Focus is a minimalist browser that keeps you engaged only on a single tab at a time. Barring that, the Firefox Focus is a good choice to keep your surfing history concealed. Besides, it also comes with ad-tracking features to enable an ad-free browsing experience alongside offering faster page-loads.

However, the Android version do offers an option to disable the tracker, which seemingly makes little sense for an ad-tracking oriented browser. However, Mozilla reasons it with the fact that blocking particular ads can lead to page crashes for specific websites. Enabling the option will let users surf through a crash-free browsing experience.

Additionally, users can also set Firefox Focus as the default browser in their Android device. This would come of good use given the third party integration with Facebook or other apps where browsing is mostly inclined to go through a single page at time.

Firefox Focus will also remind you of its background running through push notifications so as to let you clear your private surfing sessions when moving away from the app without exiting. There is also an ad-track counter provided in the Android version that will let the users be aware of the number of ads blocked per pages.

The browser can be downloaded free of charges from Play Store.

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