Forget Design Authenticity, OnePlus 5 is Here to Underscore Performance over Aesthetics

June 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

OnePlus has finally launched the hugely anticipated flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5. It came after a series of revelation of the new looks of the device that was teased online by the company.

It was all but confirmed that the biggest jump would be with the camera specification, for which the OnePlus 5 has embraced the dual-cam module under its hood.

The combo packs a 16MP camera along with a 20MP shooter, which they call as telephoto camera. The purpose of this additional sensor is to create DSLR-like imagery in portrait photoshoots similar to how Apple employed the technology in iPhone.

It’s a big push for OnePlus considering that flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S8 has arrived in the market sans any dual-camera additions, though the actual results in comparison with those that have already employed the technology is yet to be out. A downside is with the lackluster 2MP optical zoom despite featuring a dedicated sensor onboard to play with the zoom features.

On the hardware side, OnePlus 5 features the Snapdragon 835 SoC with octa cores. The biggest jump is however with the RAM, as OnePlus 5 will be the first to feature an 8GB memory, which will be made available for the 128 GB version.

There have been skepticisms about the inclusion of 8GB RAM in smartphones. However, the performance of OnePlus 5 suggests that Android would really need massive RAMs to unleash a smooth-flow performance. Though it can also be accounted to the OS tweaks employed in the smartphone using the Oxygen OS. OnePlus 5 will also be available in 6GB RAM version that will be paired with a storage of 64 GB.

The device will feature a 5.5-inch AMOLED Full HD display, which misses out on QHD resolution as well as bezel-cutting techniques. That’s one of the very few areas where OnePlus hasn’t made the jump as of now. Whether or not it would seem costly is something which is yet to be seen.

As with the design, OnePlus has already faced the accusation of lacking freshness, especially with the dual-cam module resembling that of in iPhone 7 Plus. Barring that, OnePlus has done a decent job in keeping the design minimalistic with an aluminium embrace. Additionally, it has also fitted a headphone jack to favor the traditional headset users.

Summing it up, OnePlus 5 is all about performance and will definitely cater to those who demand sheer Android performance rather than having gimmicks or elements whose real utility varies according to users. For that matter, it also lacks high-end waterproof standards, which also can be ignored keeping in mind the user domain it is trying to bracket.

The device is launched with prices starting at $479, which is slightly higher than what was expected. But the cost in no ways submerge the fact that OnePlus 5 is definitely the device with the best overall performance per dollar.

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