Secondary E-Ink Display Retains Presence on YotaPhone 2 Successor

June 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Russian company Yota Devices launched their YotaPhone 2 smartphone, it made headlines not for some expected reasons from a smartphone. It didn’t grab eyeballs for its mid-range spec improvements or design tweaks, but instead, Yota came under the limelight with the bizarre inclusion of an e-ink display that served as secondary display at the rear face of the device.

Despite the curiosity and successful crowdfunding campaign, YotaPhone 2 failed to travel to the west for its complications with manufacturing partners. That, however, hasn’t stopped the manufacturers from putting an end to the series. The dual-display is now making its fresh appearance with the new successor smartphone called YotaPhone 3.

The device was announced in China, but only scanty information was available about what will be packed in the device.  However, it has been confirmed that there will be an e-ink at the rear face, probably with a better resolution this time around.

The front side will feature an AMOLED display similar to the predecessor. We are not sure if there will be any hike with the specification in the primary display. Apart from that, the only feature revealed is about the storage, which will be of 64GB and 128GB in YotaPhone 3. Pricing of the device is expected to be tagged at $350 and $450 respectively.

The previous device featured a then old, though flagship, Snapdragon 801 processor onboard with 2GB RAM. So we can expect some powerful hardware inside the YotaPhone 3 smartphone, which is also expected to be featuring Android Nougat OS out of the box.

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