Microsoft Surface Keyboard will Have an Immediate Successor with a Hidden USP

June 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has just announced a new keyboard in its lineup without any fuzz. Called the Modern Keyboard, this new keyboard will serve as the quick successor to the Surface Keyboard, but with a big upgrade; hidden fingerprint sensors.

With fingerprint sensors becoming the standard in smartphones, Microsoft is opening up the option to traditional PC experience by letting users perform fingerprint security by just adding a new keyboard. But the addition of a layer of security will come at a hefty price.

The Modern Keyboard is priced at $129, which is $30 more than the current price of Surface keyboards. The hike has to be highlighted for it solely accounts to the addition of a fingerprint reader. As with the design, the modern Keyboard is pretty much the successor to Surface Keyboard sans any change.

The only addition in the layout, which is the new fingerprint reader, comes hidden in a button placed aside the right ALT button, featuring a fingerprint whorl icon. Users can tap the button to get access to Windows 10 logins as well as for websites linked with Windows Hello.

The Modern Keyboard can be run with four AA batteries, which will give you a life of up to four months. Besides, it can also be connected with the help of wires, something with which Microsoft has went backwards compared to the predecessor.

One big change is that the Modern Keyboard can work not just with Windows 10, but can also pair up with Android and Mac OS.  It needs to be seen whether support will be offered when the latest versions of the said OS hits the stores.

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