Microsoft Pix Camera Adds New AI Filters Following the Prisma-Route

June 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since Prisma introduced its neural networks powered image filters, there have been countless number of entrants into the field. Now, the roster is getting a big addition coming from the house of Microsoft.

The new Pix Camera from Microsoft follows the same path set by Prisma and other AI apps, i.e. to add filters powered by neural networks to images. Besides, it also comes with the ability to analyze multiple images to improve its perceiving sense and filter addition.

The Pix Camera will, by default, use its algorithm to observe up to ten frames it snaps for each images taken through the app. The images will be examined deeply for sharpness, exposure, and facial expressions to tweak the filters accordingly.

It also goes through picture that is not being used to enhance the particular photo being edited. Up to 11 new filters are now available inside the app, and more can be expected in the coming months. Pix also lets you apply these filters over short videos and GIF imageries.

Pix Camera is not an entirely new app from Microsoft although. It was launched back in summer for iOS as a basic image editing app. But it’s with the latest addition that the app gets empowered to unleash AI filters onto the images.

The filters have been developed by Microsoft’s Asia research lab in tie up with the Skype team. Pix will use texture, pattern and tones through its neural networks from famous works of art unlike the other apps that alters the photos uniformly, says the developers.

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