Facebook Unleashing Neural Network to Get Humans in Negotiations with Bots

June 15, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chatbots never make sense for at least some of us, but not when we know that they can negotiate better with humans in the future. Researchers at Facebook are now employing its chat bots with better cognitive skills so as to improve the reasoning skills of robot to make it on par with humans.

The research involved exposing the bots to real negotiation scenarios between real humans and training them to imitate the people’s actions. This ‘supervised learning’ method was followed by the real tests of negotiation strategies without any human direction.

Quite impressively, the bots did develop the skills of nuanced negotiation strategies. The bots were also clever enough to take upper hand of negotiations by faking an interest for an outcome which was never actually intended by the bot. To your surprise, those skills were not even programmed in the neural networks, but was instead developed by the bots in pursuit of achieving its goal.

The testing although had its own constraints, with the prime being that it was a single negotiation scenario being thrown upon the bots. Barring that, the output do reflects a broader scope in the future of chat bots, especially when given that the bots were mistaken for humans during the test phase. Putting it straight, we are not far from a world where we see business negotiations being carried out by chat bots.

Facebook is not yet readying up its new AI skills to be out into use straight away. As an initial step, the company will be open sourcing the codes for the negotiation bots. That would also open up the window of adding voice-controlled negotiation power to the bots, something which they have been deprived of as a result of the text-oriented AI explorations spearheaded by Facebook.

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