Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is Real, Geekbench Listing Ups Curiosity

June 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The period between the Samsung Galaxy S flagship launch and the Note flagship launch has been reserved for the Active edition of Galaxy S devices in the recent years. And it appears now that this year too, Samsung will be rolling out a rugged version of its beloved flagship.

A recent listing on Geekbench has revealed version number SM-G892A from Samsung making its way onto the benchmarks. To recall, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active from last year featured the model number SM-G891A, which has raised the conclusion that an Active version of Galaxy S8 is on its way.

Spec-wise, there isn’t anything to differentiate between the Active and standard versions. The device will feature the same Snapdragon 835 SoC with all its benchmark performance remaining the same for individual and multi-core performance. The display is also expected to be same. But what raises some curious concern is of the changes which Active version will be undergoing this year.

Samsung has presented the Active version as the rugged version of the Galaxy S flagship devices with improved water and dust resistant features. Given that Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched with the highest resistance features, it would be interesting to see how Samsung raises the bars with the Active edition.

Another area of change is the rubber casing and physical buttons which Samsung has been providing to the Active version. The inclusion of Infinite Display appears to be posing some serious challenges this year, especially with the Galaxy S8 ditching the capacitive navigation and physical home button for on-screen buttons.

It wouldn’t seem ideal to have physical buttons put atop the touch buttons. Moreover, addition of rugged casing would also hamper the aesthetics of the device, which is what has been one of the key element of success for the Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Samsung could play the worries down by moving ahead with the traditional concepts. That wouldn’t be big bother for the company given that the Active versions are targeted for being used at industrial areas. However, it would be interesting to see if Samsung could balance the aesthetics and the ruggedness for S8 Active to keep up with the reputation that the S8 series holds.

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