Google May Stick with 2 Pixel Smartphones this Year; XL Variant to Undergo Big Revamp

June 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been many speculations about Google’s Pixel successor devices for this year. The recent one among those now claims that the Mountain View Company won’t be pushing for three pixel launches this year unlike reported before. Instead, it will stick with two Pixel devices like it was last year.

However, that doesn’t mean that the new Pixel will have its sizes similar to that of its predecessor. While the standard Pixel is believed to be arriving in similar 5-inch variant this year, reports now suggest that the bigger device will arrive even bigger this time.

According to Android Police, Google’s Pixel device codenamed Muskie is now believed to have been shelved for reasons dealing with technical and financial aspects. To recall, Muskie was the device that was touted to be the Pixel XL successor.

Instead of Muskie, Google will now be developing its third device, codenamed Taimen, as the new Pixel XL successor. The major difference comes in the size of the device, with Taimen reported to be a pure phablet of display size measuring over 6-inch. The smaller Walleye is expected to retain the 5-inch Full HD display, while Taimen will have QHD displays lighting up the huge display.

It’s also reported that Taimen will be featuring flexible OLED displays. Google was reported to have been pursuing a deal with LG for flexible OLED displays back in April. Interestingly, the South Korean manufacturer also appears to be the manufacturing partner of the larger Pixel device. This would see the return of LG to Google branded device manufacturing. The standard Pixel device will still be manufactured by HTC.

Google’s decision to drop the Muskie Pixel device is believed to have been taken on account of cost effectiveness goals along with its failure to meet battery expectations. But it appears more a boon than a curse, given the bigger device is all set to arrive with more hardware features on its belt including flexible OLED.

Indeed, that’s something which Google should insist given the heap of praise Samsung has received for its Infinite Display in Samsung Galaxy S8. The same is expected to be the cornerstone in upcoming Note 8 device. In addition, Apple too is all geared up to revolutionize its display with the upcoming iPhone 8/iPhone Edition device.

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