Twitter to Have Yet Another Revamp for Android Version to Make Interface Simpler

June 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter has offered a more uniform suite of icons on its iOS and web versions. But come to Android and it looks a bit clustered with the more squared design of the interface. But that might soon change.

After tweaking around with the search tab in its previous major update for Android, Twitter is once again at it by bringing out some major upheavals for the Android version. The latest revamp will see the Android version making a jump from its traditional layout to more roundish design pattern.

The change will cover almost all the icons included in the app including those for retweets, likes, follow buttons and Direct Messages. Those will now bear a heavy resemblance to the ones in iOS with circular figures.

Twitter is looking for a complete overhaul as the circular icons will also make its way onto profile images. Similar to how the adaptive background colors, Twitter will now also make its photo viewer adaptive so that it stays in tune with the background color of the image being viewed.

The main tab icons will be now only outlined to make it fine-tuned with the new design. The same design for icons will also be used in the tweet compose page and profile view pages. Additionally, the design pattern will also dump the standard navigation drawer of Android, and will bring in large sized menu items as a replacement.

The upgrades are now currently being tested on Twitter beta version. Wider testing is being reported, which indicates that Twitter might soon give the green light for the updates to hit the main app.

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