Sony New E-Ink Watch Dumps Traditional Batteries for Rechargeable Ones

June 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony was one among the first to embrace smartwatch technology. But being kicked out of the race, it has subsequently switched to more experimental products of which the leading one was the FES e-ink wristwatch. Now, Sony is readying up a successor for the same.

The latest version of the FES Watch from Sony doesn’t takes a major leap from the path set by the original device. It sticks on to the policy of keeping the device minimalist in its design. But it has taken some notes from the predecessor so as to make the device more refined this time around.

The device, called FES Watch U, now comes with a metal bezel to add more flare across the borders of the e-ink display. The display has been left unaltered, but Sony is bringing in new watch-faces through the companion app FES Closet. The app will have monthly additions of new designs from notable creators.

While it still lack any smartwatch capabilities, the FES Watch U comes more powered than the original device. It also adds the overall functionality of the device by adding making available a couple of extra features onboard.

FES Watch U also takes a major turn in terms of battery. While it was the normal button cell that powered the original FES Watch device, the successor will switch to the more convenient rechargeable batteries to keep you off the replacement toils. Sony claims that a fully recharged battery will keep the watch ticking for up to 3 weeks, which makes it a better deal over the traditional watch batteries.

Sony is releasing its new e-ink watch addition in the markets of Japan, and it will be available for $417. A premium black version is also available for a higher price-tag of $544. The devices are made available via the company’s crowdfunding site called First Flight. There’s no word on whether the device will cross the borders and make a release outside Japan.

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